Institute of Banking and Insurance

Institute of Banking and Insurance

Legislation and Regulations

2013 Year of the Senate of the University Board of Directors, the Curriculum Committee and Legislation Committee Meeting Schedule

Associate Professor and Assistant Professor Exam Jury Members and Associate Professor of juries Assignment Procedures and Principles Regarding the fees payable to the members of the Task Area Teaching
Post Doctoral Examination Regulations in practice Walkthrough
Civil Servants Law No. 657
4857 Labor Law
2547 Higher Education Law
Higher Education Personnel Law No. 2914
Top Institutions of Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education Personnel with the Directive on the Promotion and Title Changes



Prospective officers on the Education of the General Regulations
Civil Servants' Registry Regulations
Promotion and Regulation of Public Institutions and Organizations
Disciplinary Regulations for Higher Education Institutions
Higher Education Institutions Registry Regulations
Regulation of the Promotion of Higher Education Top Affiliates


Marmara University Persformans Competency-Based Assessment Directive

Powers of the Presidency of the Marmara University Signature Directive

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