Master (with thesis)

Master (with thesis) - Institute of Banking and Insurance - Capital Markets and Stock Exchange

General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 The skill to use the necessary theoretic information and the tools in daily life in Capital Market field
2 The skill to think analytic and solve problems in nationals and international matters in Capital Market
3 Being able to follow the global developments and the problems in capital market field and making comments about the daily economic indications
4 Having the unique point of view in Capital Market and the skill to be able to take and apply strategic decisions
5 The skill to follow the scientific and technological developments in Capital Market field and to apply in daily life
6 The skill to be able to interpret and have information about the capital market regulations
7 The skill to use the current financial products in Capital Market field more effectively and to gain new financial products to the sector
8 Being able to make use of the other disciplines affecting the Capital Market sector and having the basic information regarding these disciplines
9 Having the awareness of occupational and ethical responsibility
10 The competence to be successful in proficiency tests regarding the Capital Market

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