PhD Program in Insurance

Course Code Course Name Credit
SGR8001 Life Insurance and Applications 3
SGR8002 Legislation in Insurance 3
SGR8003 Accounting and Auditing in Insurance Companies 3
SGR8004 Fuse Statistic and Probability 3
SGR8005 Pricing in Insurance 3
SGR8006 Product Management and Marketing in Insurance 3
SGR8007 Private Pension Systems and Fund Management 3

Total: 7 Courses 21 Credits
Course Code Course Name Credit
SGR8008 Risk Management in Insurance 3
SGR8009 Insurance Mathematics and Actuarial Calculations 3
SGR8010 Social Security Systems 3
SGR8011 Scientific Research Methods 3
SGR8021 Non-Life Insurances and Applications 3
SGR8013 Claims Management and Reinsurance 3
SGR8014 Financial Analysis in Insurance Companies 3

Total: 7 Courses 21 Credits

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