Corporate Strategy

Strategic Goals

Strategic Target

To improve education quality;

  • To bring students in analytical thinking skill,
  • To increase mutual communication and interaction with students and faculty
  • To increase students projects,
  • To increase use of software packages rate in education
  • To provide technical means and tools for research
  • To increase theoretical as well as practical work


To increase  the scientific  quality internationaly;

  • To increase  the possibility of Access to the international publications
  • To give weight to academic studies in a foreign  language
  • To make  organization  of international symposium and publications
  • To the creation of the opportunity to do in a foreign language course


To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of educational activities;

  • To pursue of new teaching and learning  methods
  • to increase the team spirit among students
  • to Increase the student's motivation and attendance
  • Ensuring that the teaching staff to follow innovations for branch and to transfer them to students


To create the corporate identity and culture;

  • The thought of all participants as a whole
  • Creation of institutional belonging spirit
  • the implementation of decisions are taken democratically
  • To develop of joint future plans
  • To create a very social environment
  • To provide efficient operation of graduates services


  • To Develop international relations;
  • To ensure greater participation of students and faculty on the basis of Erasmus and Socrates
  • To Develop relationships with foreign universities and lecturers
  • To Increase joint projects with foreign universities
  • To Increase the number of foreign students and faculty members 

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