Business Opportunities

Banks in the banking sector, as well as master's and doctoral graduates Central Bank, the BRSA middle-and upper-level managers in the private sector organizations, experts, inspectors, etc., works actively to positions

Graduates Capital Market and Stock Exchange sector asset management companies, investment companies, brokerage firms and banks as well as ISE, CMB, BRSA and organizations in the private sector grows and graduates specialized in middle-and upper-level managers, dealer, broker, etc. actively working positions.

Insurance and Actuarial Graduates sector insurance companies, pension companies as well as Social Security, Insurance Supervisory Board, Segen, National Reinsurance, Reinsurance Companies of Turkey, Turkey Treasury and private sector organizations such as actuarial, middle-and upper-level managers, specialists, brokers, experts, inspectors, etc. work tasks effectively.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates (with examples)

Dr. Leader Halisdemir - Aktifbank / General Manager - BSE Alumni Association President,

Dr. M.Ibrahim TURHAN - Chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange,

Associate Professor Mustafa K. Yilmaz - Istanbul Stock Exchange Vice President,

Associate Professor Lokman Gündüz - Central Bank Bank Council Member,

Associate Professor Yakup ERGİNCAN - Central Registry Agency Inc. General Manager,

Associate Professor K.Evren BOLGÜN - Notus Asset Management Inc. / Assistant General Manager,

Dr. Sezai BEKGÖZ - ISE Settlement and Custody Bank / Assistant General Manager,

Polat Gürkan - Governor of Yalova,

Dr. Ş. Alp Keler - Ak Asset Management Inc. / General Manager,

Dr. Serdar SATOĞLU - Turkey Vakıflarbankası TAO / Assistant General Manager,

Fahrettin YAHŞİ - Albaraka Turk Participation Bank / General Manager,

Dr. Sezai TANRIVERDİ - Printers Holding Co., Ltd. / General Manager,

Dr. Berna Özşar KUMCU - Segen / Deputy Director,

Ozan CANGÜREL - BRSA / Risk Management Department,

S. Ahmet IŞKIN - Istanbul Gold Exchange / Vice President,

Dr. M. Hakan SARAÇ - Insurance Supervisory Board / Vice President,

Dr. A. Botan Berker - Fitch Ratings Turkey General Manager,

Dr. Free ASLAN - ISE - Chief Specialist.

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