PhD Program in Capital Markets and Stock Exchange

Course Code Course Name Credit
SPY8011 Finance Theory and Corporate Finance 3
SPY8012 Risk Management and Derivatives 3
SPY8013 Economic Analysis in Financial Markets 3
SPY8014 Quantitative Analysis Techniques in Financial Markets 3
SPY8015 Capital Market Law 3
SPY8016 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management in Capital Markets 3
SPY8017 International Finance 3

Total: 7 Courses 21 Credits
Course Code Course Name Credit
SPY8018 Internal Control and Independent Audit in Capital Market Institutions 3
SPY8019 Central Banking and Balance Sheet Analysis 3
SPY8020 Behavioral Finance 3
SPY8021 Accounting for Securities and Derivatives 3
SPY8022 Scientific Research Methods 3
SPY8023 Corporate Governance and Ethics 3
SPY8024 Regulatory and Supervisory Institutions in Capital Markets 3

Total: 7 Courses 21 Credits

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