Message of Director



Dear Students,


The Institute was established in 1987 in affiliation with the Rectorate as the first and unique institute to train finance experts with postgraduate and doctorate degrees. Our institute educated well equipped and quality experts that needed from Turkish Financial Sector.

The institute trains qualified and equipped specialist that needed from financial sector on four different programs such as Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance and Actuary. Our students will participate in the sectors as a qualified specialist and executive candidates due to the   theoretical and practical training programs and constantly updated information equipment in accordance with the needs of the era. Our lecture is given by a distinguished academic staff in the field as well as experienced senior executives in the financial sectors.

The primary mission of the institute is to raise young executives those are a productive, inquisitive, open-minded and analytical mindset  and have  a strong theoretical background and practical know-how under globalized and competitive environment. I am confident that, in accordance with the organizational goals, the institute fulfill its mission with success in the coming years.

I also extend my wished for success in future life to all our  graduates and our young managers.

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