Socrates-Erasmus Programme

Erasmus, the European Union (EU) Education and Youth Programs Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) program for co-operation at the level of higher education. Program aims to improve the quality of higher education and the strengthening of the European dimension. Under the program, higher education institutions produce and implement joint projects with each other, exchange of students and staff to conduct short-term nature of the grant provides financial support. Erasmus students abroad experience in multicultural courses processing, recognition of different cultures, to promote Turkish culture, make new friends, To be at a different school students to see the possibilities and gives a different system.

For detailed information, examine the list of universities in Marmara University contracted the International office please visit our website.


Foreign Language Examination:

Erasmus student mobility during the selection of learning and language GPA score of 50% and 50% is calculated based on the weighted average number of students allowed by the quota Erasmus Bilateral Agreement will be nominated student. Students who apply for the program, which was declared in reference periods and at the International Office web page should take the foreign language exams.

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