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EU Information Centre and the EU Institute of Marmara University MU In collaboration with the Institute of Banking and Insurance on April 29, 2013 "EURO CRISIS AND THE EFFECTS OF TURKEY titled" A conference was held.

Director of the Institute of Banking and Insurance, Prof. Dr. Session Chairman Suat Oktar's conference, Central Bank Vice President Hon. Dr. Turalay torture, MU Lecturer, Prof. Dr. Erhan ASLANOĞLU BRSA Deputy President. Ozan CANGÜREL, Chief Economist Dr. BGC Partners. Free ALTUĞ participated with presentations.


 Traditional Finance Symposium 2001

 Traditional Finance Symposium: 2002

* Turkish Banking Sector Development and Restructuring

 * Turkish Capital Markets Development and Reconstruction

 * Turkish Insurance Sector Development and Reconstruction Studies

 * Turkey Actuary Actuary Profession Accounts Importance And The Future

 Traditional Finance Symposium 2003

 Traditional Finance Symposium2004

International Finance Symposium: Knowledge Manegement in the Finance Sector in Terms of Its Reletionship to économies of Scale 2005

International Finance Symposium: Financial Sector Intergration;Review and Steps Ahead 2006

International Finance Symposium: Global Financial Crisis and Prospects in the New Financial Architecture 2009

International Finance Symposium: Process Post-Crisis Financial Sector - Real Sector Relations 2010


The Symposium Printed Books

2006 - International Finance Symposium: Financial Sector Intergration; Review and Steps Ahead

2005 - International Finance Symposium: Knowledge Management in the Finance Sector in Terms of Its Relationship to économies of Scale

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